Keurig Troubleshooting Tips

Keurig Coffee Machines are one of the most popular brands for getting a good quality of coffee maker for your home which provides you with an excellent coffee in just a matter of minutes. But like all other coffee machines, it has a few problems which seem to turn up every now and then. So, if you can’t understand why your newly bought Keurig coffee machine is behaving this way and how can you fix it, we have created a list to help you out with the same.

So next time you see an issue like your coffee machine shuts off for no reason or that your coffee machine isn’t brewing properly, then you can check some of the causes and solutions here.

  • Issue: Lime scale build up on my machine

Solution: Sometimes the water you use for brewing your coffee leaves behind some minerals which get accumulated together in the coffee machine in the form of limescale which may affect the working of your coffee machine and cause you a lot of troubles.

All you have to do to fix this issue is clean and descale your coffee machine regularly. Cleaning your coffee machine is pretty simple, just take a cleaning solution and brew it inside your coffee machine. Once that is done, start your machine again but this time use fresh water to clean it. You will notice that all the limescale has been successfully removed with the help of the cleaning solution.

  • Issue: My coffee machine shut off or turns on by itself

Solution: The first and foremost step would be to check the Auto On/Off option and to make sure that there is no timer set.

Once you have ensured that, you need to perform the following steps for respective coffee machine models:

  1. Mini: This model, by default, shuts down if not used for more than 90 seconds. Just switch on the Power button.
  2. Elite: This model has an Auto Off option which when turned green will automatically shut off the machine after 2 hours of the last usage. You can just press the black Auto Off button to disable the green light which will turn off the automatic shut off the coffee machine.
  3. Special Edition and Platinum: This machine comes with an auto-off feature, all you have to do to disable it is click on menu twice to enter the auto off programming mode and then press on the small, left button until the screen reads ‘off’.
  • Issue: It won’t stop pumping water

Solution: If your Keurig machine pumps water the whole time your machine is on, then you can try following steps: unplug your machine and remove the reservoir, then dump all the contents of the reservoir and turn it upside down, shake it a little bit and then tap the bottom of the reservoir a few times. You can also try to descale your machine if that doesn’t help call the Customer Support.

Now, if you get any of these problems in your Keurig coffee machine, you know what to do. But if none of the solutions work, you need to contact the Keurig Customer Service and they would help you out in a jiffy.