Chicken Satay with peanut sauce

Ingredients for Satay

Chicken breast – pieces in long strips, Five Hundred grams (Boneless)

Soy sauce- One tablespoon

Lemon juice- One tablespoon

Chilli powder- One teaspoon

Salt- one pinch

Ingredients for Peanut Sauce

Peanut Sauce Recipe

Ginger garlic paste- One tablespoon

Onion (chopped finely) – One small

Peanut butter (I used smooth one, but crunchy one will also do)- Two tablespoon

Coconut milk- Four tablespoon

Soy sauce- One tablespoon

Lemon juice- One tablespoon

Salt- a pinch


Firstly, the following ingredients need to be combined properly in a mixing utensil or a bowl: Lemon juice, Soy sauce, Salt, Oil and Chilli powder. After the above mention ingredients are properly mixed, it should be left to marinate for some time (approximately 1 hour), in the refrigerator. After an hour of leaving it in the refrigerator, take this mixture and apply it all over the chicken properly. Now, take these marinated chicken trips and insert it one after the other in preferably a wooden skewer. Now, take a pan and put it on medium heat. Put some oil on the pan and let it get heated properly on high heat time. Now carefully place the skewers on the pan(on high heat). The skewers needs to be turned time to time so that the chicken it evenly coocked from all the sides. If there’s any extra marinated mix left that can be used on the chicken at this time.

Recipe for Peanut Sauce:

For this sauce, take a small amount of oil on a pan and heat it. Now, add onions until it sauté properly. Now add the ginger garlic paste and let it be cooked for 1 minute or so. Remember to mix and stir these ingredients while it’s been cooked. To this mixture add peanut butter, 2 tbsp of water and soy sauce while stirring so that it is mixed properly. After it is mixed properly, add salt, lemon juice and some coconut milk and again mix properly. Your peanut sauce is now ready!

It should be served with the hot satay.

Some extremely useful tips:-

  • If skewers are not available then, small size of chicken strips can be used along with toothpics.
  • For avoiding the charring action on the skewers, it can be dipped in ice cold water before the chicken are being threaded to it.
  • If you’re the one who’d like spicy peanut sauce, then, red chillies should be added along with the ginger garlic paste and cooked.
  • If coconut milk is not available, then, good quality coconut powder can be added to milk and then it can be used.

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